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What's Proxmox VE?

Proxmox VE is a free, open source, enterprise-class hypervisor intended as a platform from which to provide virtual servers - as containers or as virtual machines.

Proxmox VE 4 at a glance:

  • Complete virtualization solution for production environments
  • KVM hypervisor
  • Lightweight Linux Containers (LXC)
  • Comprehensive management feature set
  • Multi-node, HIgh Availability Clusters
  • VM Templates and Clones
  • Multiple storage types supported, including Ceph, NFS, ZFS, Gluster, and iSCSI
  • Open source license (GNU AGPL, V3)

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Authorized Proxmox Virtualization Training

Pleased to offer authorized Proxmox VE training in the United States (English).

Three options are available:

  • Proxmox VE Installation and Administration (2 days)
  • Proxmox VE Advanced (2 days)
  • Both courses bundled at a discounted price (4 days)

For more information, visit this page.

Note that in-house training is also available; make contact with this form to learn more.

Book Features

With Learning Proxmox VE, the reader will:

  • Create virtual machines and containers from the comfort of your workstation using Proxmox VE's web-based management interface
  • Maximize performance, security, and the quality of virtual services by tailoring container and virtual machine configurations based on established best practices
  • Put theory to practice by deploying virtual servers that promise portability, modularity, flexibility, security, and quality of service at any scale

Free Chapters

Two of the seven chapters of Learning Proxmox VE are available online and free of charge. Just follow the links below:

  • Chapter 1: "Proxmox Fundamentals" is posted at Packt Pub.  
  • Chapter 7: "Securing Proxmox VE" is available from O'Reilly Media.  

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure Proxmox VE
  • Create new virtual machines and containers
  • Import container templates and virtual appliances
  • Optimize virtual machine performance for common use cases
  • Apply the latest security patches to a Proxmox VE host
  • Contrast PVE virtual machines and containers to recognize their respective use cases
  • Secure virtual machines and containers
  • Assess the benefits of virtualization on budgets, server real estate, maintenance, and management time

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Proxmox Support

  • Proxmox VE Authorized Training
  • Premium Support Subscriptions
  • Proxmox Support Forum
  • Proxmox VE Documentation